My name is Agata Grabowy.
I can't imagine living without creating.
I love handmade, I love sewing, I love colours and patterns.
I am passionately expanding my skills in crafting, sewing and designing.
I gladly undertake various types of creative, sewing or fashion works:
* fabric decorations
* fashion accessories
* all kinds of handmade,
* paintings
* handmade collector's dolls
* work with patterns and prototype sewing
* art workshops for children
* all kinds of sewing orders
*  remade, renew clothes
I deepened my skills and knowledge in art schools and thanks to internship with a London designer.
- High School of Fine Arts in Tarnów - artistic weaving
- Krakow Art Schools  - artistic clothing design
- Brentwood Open Learning College - Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design Level 5
- internship in the fashion designer studio - Anna Mason London - as assistant to the main seamstress


When I became a mother, I started sewing handmade angels. They were not so much toys, but a charming room decoration. I was inspired by Tone Finnenger dolls. For me they became little models that I could dress, style and create their world. Thanks to the blog I founded, I showed my dolls and quickly found a group of lovers and customers. My dolls always have wings, because angels have amazing energy, a combination of something both earthly and heavenly. For over 10 years, the world of  "With Angels life's better" exists and is doing well ...

My Angels are made very carefully, with attention to detail, from good quality fabrics. Sometimes I looking for interesting patterns and colours in used, recycled clothing, which I later wash and iron thoroughly. I like to know that beautiful vintage lace finds its second life ... My dolls' hair is artificial, anti-allergic. They are stuffed with polyester filling also antiallergic.

Contact Me

316 559 2458


Open Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8.00 - 18.00